We have joined the Petites Reines adventure!

Petites Reines, an all-around adventure ;)

"It's been two months since I joined Petites Reines, for my 1st year internship. year of business school. I got to know Petites Reines thanks to my cousin Anne-Laure, a Petite Reine before her time. In turn, I immersed myself in the universe of the Laura basket and very quickly, I was won over by this sparkling brand. I who wanted to work around a beautiful product, within a dynamic team and for a French company, I had found the rare pearl.

When I arrived the first day, I was struck by the beautiful energy that reigned in the office, and by the infectious enthusiasm of Marie-Caroline, the founder. I have always been fascinated by the entrepreneurial adventure and by project leaders. I was curious to understand every cog in the mechanism behind the Laura basket: from the founder's idea to the basket in the hands of delighted customers, including the crucial stages of creation and production.

What makes me vibrate at Petites Reines is the fact that each day is different from the previous one and that we are not assigned to a particular task. This allows you to learn a lot more, to work in one day on subjects of marketing, communication, logistics and sometimes even to become a mechanic to assemble a bike! I am proud to participate in the development of such a beautiful project and to work with passionate and fascinating people.

Joining Petites Reines means embarking on a great adventure, feeling useful, feeling the pride of representing a great French brand, the joy of exchanging with customers, the excitement of previewing the next collections. 

In a word, Petites Reines is fun!"

- Alice Desfontaines, student at NEOMA, marketing project manager at Petites Reines.

The way is clear: a real winning mindset!

"I discovered Petites Reines on a LinkedIn ad. Marie-Caroline was looking for her future right arm. I went to see the brand's website and Instagram account. The good mood, enthusiasm and energy that s "they were dizzying! That's it, I said to myself, that's where I want to continue my work-study! Neither one nor two, I sent my CV and my cover letter. And when at the end of 3 days, we exchanged with Marie-Caroline, the match was made immediately!Less than 3 weeks later, I had joined Petites Reines.

Projects abound here, ideas abound, in short, so many opportunities to learn on a daily basis. And then, between popups, fairs and bicycle retailers with whom we exchange on a daily basis, I assure you that we meet a lot of nice people!

What I liked about Petites Reines was the slogan “The way is free! ". Allowing yourself to dream, going on an adventure on foot or by bike, meeting different people, all of this contributes to enriching your daily life! I myself tested Paris by bike for the first time and seeing the city from this angle made me want to rediscover it. On a bike you feel free! So yes, "the way is clear" is much more than a slogan, it's a real winning mindset!"

- Lysiane Maurice, ISTEC graduate, right-hand man at Petites Reines.